Women are the creator of the world. The life starts with her, but she still struggles to make a place for herself in today’s world.

She has the power to destroy every evil thing from the world but when something wrong happens in her life, she unable to fix it.

She has the potential to bring peace to the world but when it comes to bring peace to her world she fails.

She believes in equality, want equality but unable to deliver equality:

  • To girl child she decides what tasks are best for her but for the male child, she gives freedom to decide the tasks best fit for him. When the male child grows, he believes women are good at doing certain tasks. Let the girl child choose her tasks.

  • No matter how busy is MIL (mother-in-law) she has enough time to prepare 5 dishes for her son-in-law.

  • No matter how free is MIL she has no time to prepare even one dish for her daughter-in-law (DIL).

  • If the DIL is good in 9 things out of 10. she will be criticized for the 1 thing she doesn't know. The daughter is good at 1 thing out of 10. She will be praised for that 1 thing.

  • Even though MIL is very good and wise the DIL always find some faults in her when compared to her mom.

  • She respects other women based on the status of her.

Women are very good at gossips, but she used this tool to spread wrong rumors. She could use this tool to spread good thoughts about other women.

There are another class of over ambitious women who do all lots of wrong things towards other women to achieve their goals.

Having so many qualities as creator, destroyer and bring peace to this world. Why women find hard to rock the world? Because she requires 4 basic qualities in her personality: unity, love, respect, and support towards other women.

Lots of unity shown during women march and conference but on the daily basis, this skill is not executed very well.

Who is stopping women to rock the world? She herself

Having just 4 qualities allow women to conquer everything in the world

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