This is one of the favorite word in our dictionary. We all have used at least once in our life. When something go wrong with us we try our best to give back to the person who have done bad to us.

Tiny miny revenge is fine as long as we are not damaging someone's day to day life. Revenge is meant to teach right lesson to the wrong person . Human behavior is strange when someone do wrong with us we all multiply and give it back but very smart in forgetting good things done my someone with us. We all fail in multiplying good things.

What about big revenge where many people hurt and die. What are the main purpose for this big revenge. This revenge is only meant to get maximum benefits by exploiting few peoples innocence and weakness. These type of people have simple purpose in life to input destruction in the world and get maximum benefits for them as the output. Every good person is not have a big heart to forgive people, one of them stand up and take one more revenge. This revenge process is the never ending iteration. In every big revenge many good people suffer and the wrong person escape and never get trap.

Revenge are meant to trap the wrong people who are very intelligent always escape and the innocent people suffer.

Teach this wrong person first right lessons. Hard punishment only comes if the person don't want to change or learn the lessons.

This process is lengthy but one of the goal is to reduce the numbers of the bad people in this beautiful world.

Foolish people indulge themselves in revenge. While wise and sensible people stand against the wrong person and fight for the wrong things to make this world better place for everyone.

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