More than 7 billion people live in different parts of the world. These people in different countries follow different religion. The most followed religions in the world are Buddhism, Christianity, Islam, Hinduism and Sikhism. What is religion? For me religion means knowledge about culture, cuisine, festivals and heritage of the people. Each of these religions are the identity of the people. I follow Hinduism I am Hindu.

In one-way religion provides diversity to the world. The most common thing of each religion is to have festivals and variety of food. Festivals means lots of food, fun, unity and celebrations everywhere. Festivals are the wonderful time for the people as well as business. The data shows that the business make maximum profits during festivals. There is many employment opportunity during festivals season.

Even God loves diversity. His presence in each culture give the prove. He also loves different cuisine. Hindus big festival 'Diwali' is celebrated for the home coming of Rama after 14 yrs. Christ birth we celebrate as 'Christmas' and many more. It means religions give many goodness to the world. Each culture and religion have many stories. If you like to read stories explore different culture and religion.

Love festivals and religions

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