Money define respect, prosperity, happiness while power define direction and discipline. These two are the most prominent pillars of the world. To fulfill our basic needs we need money . Women and children are the most affected people in the world without money. They are very easily exploited. Money gives us respectful life. Once someone told me money is just money it has no good or bad. In one way yes if you go the shop to buy something nobody ask you how you have earned the money. But I believe money had two sides. Money which buy or sell women goes in the bad but the same money which give good life to women belongs to good category.

Education systems that teach students status value belongs to bad while education systems that teach good values and right skills belongs to good category. Money is the magnet attracts everyone because all the best things in the world get with money. Money earned with good ways leads to growth. The growth tie us with ambitions and goals. Achieving ours goals and ambition brings us happiness. While money earned with wrong ways leads to greed which can buy every materialistic things but not happiness because all our needs are fulfilled and have no place for ambition and goals. Growth is the natural process while greed is the man-made. Anything which is not part of the nature will never bring good results to the humanity. All the living things involves growth. Growing vegetables is not the one night process. We have to follow certain process to grow vegetables. The vegetables grow with the right way are full of nutrients and healthy. The world floats with lots of wrong money that is why always in pain , suffering and disasters. The good money leads this world to prosperity and happiness. The data from the last 3 years prove that the world had spent so much money on fixing the disaster caused by nature. The disasters can be minimized if the world focused on directions that leads us to good paths. This saved money can be used for the welfare of the humans.

Power is another important element which needs attention. I have read somewhere that this world should be free of power. I believe without power this world will be chaotic place . Power have a very important role in taking the world to the right direction. The 2 simple examples prove this. I was travelling in the train, the women sitting next to me was eating oranges and throwing the skin everywhere. I request her if she keep the orange skin at one place and trash them when she get down at the station. She got mad at me and started doing more to irritate me. That day I realized the value of power. In another incident, me and my friend went to airport to pick up passenger. We decided not to park the car and take the circle around the exit gate. Near the exit gate there was place where we stopped the car for 2-3 mins after each circle. The security officer request us not to stop the car. We ignored his request and repeated 2 more times the same thing. He came and said if we stop our car one more time he will charge us heavy fine. We said sorry to him and never stopped our car again. This means the power has the potential to stop wrong things in the world . Many problems in the world could be easily eliminated if the power has worked sincerely. But it never happened. Support to one wrong thing give birth to 100 more wrong things. While the support to one good thing leads to only 10 more good things. The person who is holding power need to be selfless, fearless, smart, intelligent, diplomatic with strong observational skill. Selfless never means to sacrifice your life for the people. It means to make your as well as the life of the people around you better. Fearless means to stand against each wrong things even 100 people against you. But smart enough to use the intelligent and diplomatic skills to convince this 100 people to support you.

Money means power. When people in power combine with the money power can create the vibrations and fire that can destroy each bad elements of the world.

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