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History my favorite subject during school. I enjoy reading history but hate writing exams need to remember lots of names and years. Ancient India was most favorite compared to medieval and modern India. Why I like reading history because it is the best source to learn many things. What we do today become history tommorrow? If we want to learn best lessons in life than we have to find in the past. Past are for lessons, present for work to gain experience and future for the result. We can build our future excellent if we make our present lessons better by taking all the good and bad experiences from the past. History is the best resource to know how culture, business, food, politics evolved with time. Beside books we can learn a lot from the people around us by observing them. History is one good source to know about the people. King Ashoka fought many wars but one war made him the follower of Buddhism. He realized that each war he won gave him lots of power but at the time brings lots of unhappiness in his life. Raja Harishchandra a great king ready to sacrifice his life for the truth. Akbar mughal emperor respect each culture married to Hindu believe in unity. Aurangzeb another mughal emperor believe only in destruction. Misuse his power for his own benefits. History gave hope that if one person believe in destruction there are many still believe in peace. Generation gap means improvement. When one generation make bad mistakes, follow wrong things, the following generation have to fix those mistakes and never repeat them. In today world, young people believe they are far more advanced when compared to previous generation. But they forget that they have got this advanced technology because of the hard work done by the previous generation. With time things improved but this never prove that there exits a gap between current and previous generation. With time functionality and values never change. Till today TV, phones, light, cars have same functionality but with time these things have improved. The meaning of honesty, truth and respect remain the same in every generation. Sun always rise in east in every generation. Even history proves that there is no such term generation-gap. The data shows that the living of the women during ancient India are far better as compared to medieval and modern India.

Modern history shows how India changing after independence, partition. Its also give information how world is changing after world war. The world is divided into developed and developing countries. Developed countries accumulated lots of wealth from wars and moving fast in industrialization while developing countries struggling in every sector because of the lack of wealth. This proves how wars brings big benefits to some peoples. The data from the history clearly shows why war take place because there is selfish motive that I want more power and wealth. Wars will never take place when "I" become "We".

History is not just about country and world. We all make history. We are responsible for our own history. Good paths leads to good history. We should create history which inspire others.

10th grade was the last year of my school. I asked my teachers and class mates to write something to me in my 'slang book'. My favorite teacher asked me whatever I write will you remember. She wrote following quote:

" Give the world best and the best will get back to you". Very true you can't accept best until and unless you give best.

My teachers and classmates are now history to me. All are in my memories but the above quote never became history to me. I still remember as it is. Good things never become history they are with you everyday to inspire, motivate and give strength to move forward.

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