Great Leaders Vs Leaders

There are around 1000 plus articles written on Leaders and Leadership skills.

What new I can add on leaders? I decided to explore the difference between Great Leaders and Leaders. Great Leaders are known by values, Leaders known by numbers: Company, Institution, Healthcare, Education system, Political party.

Great Leaders speak truth, stand for right thing in every situation, resolve conflicts that leads to new direction or beginning, never work under pressure because they are not bound by numbers or designation. Believe in Agile framework: adapt change , fight for the change, work hard to bring change. Mahatma Gandhi, Abraham Lincoln, Nelson Mandela , Martin Luther King and sometime common man represent great leaders

Leaders hide truth, stand for right thing in certain situations, avoid conflicts, work under pressure because bound by numbers and designation. Believe in waterfall framework: every instructions go from top to bottom. Change only adapted when the profits go down.

CEO, VP, Directors, CTO, CFO , Managers represents leaders

Loved: Leaders loved by the organization, Great leaders loved by the entire world

Emotions: Leaders show their emotions in certain situations, Great leaders show their emotions in every situations

Apology: Leaders take time to give apology, great leaders strongly believe in apology

Diplomat: Leaders use diplomatic skills when the organization number 1 position is slipping while great leaders use diplomatic skills to fight for the wrong and bring people together

Excellent: Leaders show their excellence in bringing the organization in the number one position while great leaders show their excellence in lifting people up

Remembered: Leaders are remember by the organization, while great leaders remembered by the people for many many centuries.

In today world do we need leaders or great leaders. I strongly believe we need both, because numbers are also important. In fact we need peoples who are the perfect blend of both. This combination will add new energy to this world which drives everyone to prosperity and happiness

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