Equality--Inequality 🐘🐅

Equality and Inequality are the two words heard many times from my childhood. Try to understand what this two words exactly mean and their significance in our life. This column is based on the data observed by me in the last 3 decades. This column is divided into many sections.

Equality means to me freedom of speech, freedom in making choices, right support and respect. There is huge difference when delivering equality to female vs male in home or at work. I remember one incident during my college days. My college senior was a topper in the high school and got admission in top medical school. Her parents refused to send their daughter to med school because she must stay in hostel and parents will have a hard time to find groom for her because boys never studied to high level in her community. She decided to do her master in the college which is close to her residence. Topper are always toppers even in her masters she stood first in the college. This incident and many other incidents made me realized that the women are always required to do sacrifice in their life. We all feel pain and suffering at the same level but when it comes to happiness or making choices in life women never get equal rights. As long as women do sacrifices all are happy with her, the day she think of her own individuality she become the most selfish person on this planet. She is soft but not weak. She is so strong that accepts every injustice done to her with a smile. It is her birth right to received equality everywhere. Why birthright because mother go through same level of pain when giving birth to son or daughter.

Equality at work is a two-way process what employer give to employees and what employees delivered back to employer. Employees need good salary, perks, equal growth opportunities, good work ethics, better work culture. Each company and organization trying their best to give this package to the employee. When it comes to employees to deliver equality most of the times they fail. Do each employee delivered the output to the level what they received from the employers. Each year perks increase for the employee but do the output also increase at the same rate. To established true equality, we all must deliver equality first and then demand.

Status equality . Let say A has 10 cars, 5 mansions, many other luxuries while B has medium size house, 1 or 2 car, well-balanced diet, good healthcare, clean water and medium sized vacation each year. Both A and B are at the same level of equality because we need one car to reach our destination and one bedroom to get good sleep. To live a good and happy life B has all the necessary amenities. Equality cannot be measured based on extras. There is third category which have limited accesses to good diet, clean water, healthcare, house and proper sanitation. These class cannot be compared on the equality scale because they are far away from the scale. Humans are the most beautiful and intelligent creations of god. Our true intelligent will be established when the world is free from the third category.

Importance of inequality in our life. Nature represents the best equality despite the inequality. Each element in the nature is not equal. Ocean vs lake water. Ocean is required for the survival of many big and small species. Humans requires sweet water for the survival and depend on the lakes and river. Ants and elephant are far away from equality, but both have important role to deliver. Each element in the nature never compare each other. Each one knows their importance and respect each other existence. Inequality is required for maintaining balance and proper functioning of the nature.

Solar system is another example of inequality. The planets in the solar system are of different size and mass. Earth, Moon (satellite) and Sun (star) all three have different mass and size. This inequality is required to maintain proper coordination with each other. Machines are also system with inequality built with many components of different size and mass.

Both women and men are different in thinking, behaviors, intelligent and emotions. To achieve best functionality in each area both should be giving same level of equality.

Equality--Inequality are inseparable. Inequality give functionality to the system while equality drives the system to reach its full potential to bring excellent.

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