Emotions gives strength

Does expressing soft (crying, screaming, sad) or hard (anger, shouting) emotions is a sign of weakness. In today's world when things are so stressful emotions are the sign of relief. It takes some pain and makes us feel better. People lost loved ones, savings, and job. Even the kids feel uncomfortable due to the abnormality around them. The seniors are undergoing more stress as they have been at the same place for a very long time. When everything around us stressful, emotion comes handy. Never feel bad being in the state of emotions. Hard emotions calm us but when use on others filled our heart with guilt and pain. Hard emotions can be used on children's sometimes.

When the situations are not going in the right direction, share the pain and try to feel others pain. Listening or reading peoples life struggles helps us to ease our pain. Sometimes crying for someone else makes us feel better.

The tough circumstances in life makes us kind. For the most part of our life, we develop feelings and change for our own benefits. The true change happens when we developed compassion for people, nature, and animals.

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