Divide, Combine and Conquer

The depth of these three words I realized during my school days while studying modern India history. It took more than 200 yrs of struggle for India to get independence from the British. Why it took so much time? In the year 1942, Gandhiji realized that the peoples are divided into small subgroups and fighting for the independence. He decided to combine this subgroup to big large group. He gave slogan "Quit India Movement". He asked the people of India combine and win. He said either " Do or Die". This mass movement forced British to leave India.

Recently, I was studying binary search algorithm which deals with finding one element from the big dataset. This algorithm takes the advantage of these three words to find the element.

There are many solutions for the big problem but only one of them give the best result. These three words are the best ingredients in solving any big problem.

Today big problems are inequality, health, peace, poverty, respect, climate and power misuse. These problems are global and need global solution. We can't divide these problems into East, West, Middle east and Europe. We must find the best and the most productive solution.

Each country are subgroups and have their ways to fight with these problems, but no country has the best solution. The best way to find the solution is to extract the best elements from each subgroups (country) and combine these elements to solve each of the above problems. Once we have the best solution, we can keep adding new elements every year. The way phones, televisions, appliances and many other items get upgraded every year with the additional features.

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