Complexity is as important as simplicity. Healthy complexity is the requirement for our existence. While working on my research project on origin of life I deeply connected with complexity and its significance. The research helps me understand how the complexity rest on the simplicity. Our brain is the complex network of many simple neurons. Good thoughts, healthy stress and nice environment helps the brain to make better decisions.

Same goes to our body which is the complex network of many parts. Each parts of the body are the assembly of the simple molecules. Keeping each part healthy is very important for the functioning of the body. If one part of the body gets sick the complexity breaks and the entire body system suffers. Now let's focus on humanity. We all simple peoples makes the complex network called humans. Each of us have different likes, dislikes, cultures, foods habits, thinking, intelligent, creativity. The word "different" is the must in the complexity. This difference create unique ideas, creativity and better invention. Having same type of cars on the road, same food habits, thinking, intelligent make this world so boring. When we walk in the garden and see same type of flowers, the garden will never look as beautiful as with different types of the flowers. The complexity suffers when we disrespect each other likes, thinking, creative skills, intelligent, culture and eventually these disturb peace in the world.

Business such as Biotech, Pharma, IT, Retail, Auto, Healthcare, Aviation and many others is the complex network which is very important to maintain. Each of this industry and their dependencies are very vital complexity. Healthy competition, sharing ideas and helping each other strength the complexity which results in increase output.

Nature is another complex network of ocean, stream, lakes, ponds, small and big trees, many small species and animals of different types and sizes depending on each other. We humans many times take more than how much we required and destroy this beautiful network. Once nature get disturbed whole humanity gets into trouble.

Complexity is very significant for our survival. Therefore, it is equally important for us to keep this complexity healthy to make this world the happier place for everyone.

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