Change is inevitable. We are constantly going through change, but we never realized since it is the part of our day to day life.

When we eat food, our body adapt the change as per our food habits, spicy vs mild. Our brain adapts the change the way we think. Our actions change as per the surroundings. Our attitudes happy, sad and motivated depends on the people we come across daily. Even nature adapt the change. The best contribution in the nature gives back to us best and vice-verse. Remember our ancestors were apes. We covered this journey by continuously adapting the change.

Why we think change as a treat? Especially when it comes to learning new skills or introducing new technology.

Learning or adapting the new skills are not always come with success. When the fresher learns the new skills, we are more easily accept their failures. When the experienced person wants to learn or adapt to the new field lots of questions raised why he or she want a change? Why we don’t take experience and fresher failures equally?

The same goes with the new technology. Technology has improved our lives in a much better way. But it also brings lots of problems in the users life. Every technology has its pros and cons. We are more focused how the new technology brings advantages or profits to the business. The past lessons have disclosed how the organizations have to spend billions to fix the issues generated by the technology after it is implemented. Before we work on advantages, it is always better to study its disadvantage first and try to decrease their impact to the lowermost level . This will save money and time in the future.

The implementation of the new technology then will continually impact or change the world in the brighter way.

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