Being positive vs negative 📉

The words positive and negative always all the time with us. When we are dealing with difficult times or crises, we were asked to remain optimistic. When we face failures, we feel bad and low. No one wants to be a failure. Each failure makes us negative. We feel we can’t achieve success. But many people even in failures find and learn so many new things and prepare themselves better for the future. They keep going ahead in every difficult situation by remain calm and hopeful.

No one wants to think negative or be with negative people. Does being negative is bad? In many situations being negative is good. We all love discounts while shopping or eating at the restaurants. We want our bill to go down. We want our taxes to go down so we can save more. When we go to the hospital, we want the tests to be negative. No one want to be too ill. Healthcare each year when they analyzed their database, they want to see diabetes, other fatally illness go down. Even nature support negative. Our blood group is positive as well as negative. Adding +ve and -ve impurities to make semiconductors to improve its electrical and optical properties. The salt we used daily is made of positive and negative elements (NaCl).

Many people love going to hiking in the remote places. Some people are good at preparing their trip. They pack all the important things and inform their family and friends before they leave. They want to come out safe if they face any crisis. There slight negative behavior is helpful in this situation.

Positive attitude keeps us hopeful for the future while negative mindset helps us to prepare better for the future crisis.

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