Bad Vs Very Good🎭

15 % of world population are bad always deliver worst to the world. They know their behavior and attitude towards others are bad. They have the two best qualities honesty and truth. But unfortunately they waste these best qualities on wrong things. They have used these qualities to make world the better place.


25 % of the world population think, speak and always deliver good to the world. No matter how worst is the situation they stand for the right cause. They never give up on the bad things. They believe every bad situation in the world can be changed or improved. They are the ones who justified the word 'good' in true sense. They are the 'angels' of the world. The world is surviving because of these category.

60 % of the world population comes in the category of the 'very good' people. These are very special category have unique qualities. Lets now explore these qualities.

a) We all do mistakes learn from them and grow each day to make us better person. The 'very good' people focused on others mistakes more than their. They use other mistakes to feel themselves good by putting them down.

b) 'very good ' people growth depends on others failures. They believe others failures bring more success to them.

c) there is no need for swords and guns to destroy the world. They have a special tool 'bad gossip'

to bring tsunami in the world.

d) mentally challenged kids suffer most in the hands of the 'very good' people. These kids unable to communicate with the world. They misuse their innocence to do all the wrong things with them. There are many schools for them but none of them take good care. Everything in this world stand on one thing 'give and take'. These kids only take from the world unable to give back in return. Why there is a need to think for them? But remember they are the most innocent souls in the world. They never say or do bad to others.

e) environment is another big issue to talk. We all get something everyday from the nature. To fix environment issue the 'very good' people completely depends on the government and certain section of the society. These 'very good' are only good in destroying the environment and do 'show offs' in front of others about environment. We all know it is responsibility of each individual who live in this world to give small input to improve environment.

f) corruption comes in many forms. give and take money to get the job done is the most common form of corruption we all know. not doing our job properly is one of the worst corruption. Delay in providing right and correct information to the people on time making their work to suffer is also one form of corruption. Not supporting the right things at the right time comes in the category of corruption. misusing others people and country property, favoritism, contaminating food to put child future in risk are also part of the corruption.

h) best time pass for the 'very good' category is making fun of the people difficult situation, sensitivity and innocence.

i) animals good at eating, sleeping and playing. the 'very good' category made them to think like humans. The 'gorilla' in the above image thinking monkeys are already homeless. Very soon they and other animals also become homeless. He is worried where they will go once they have no home to stay. He is trying to find the meaning of the word ' very good'.

j) some type of mental stress is very common in the today world with each one of us. About 25 % of the population have the courage to come forward and take the help. The 'very good' category puts these 25 % of the population in the very special bracket. They take away from them every rights to live a normal life.

k) In good things the 'very good' want the credits even their contribution is 0.001% . In bad things all the blame goes only to one person.

l) ask help from the 'very good' . They give u random suggestions. online is flooded with random suggestions. help means 'genuine' help.

Now its time to think did the world really suffered due to the 'bad category' or with the 'very good' category. In fact the 'bad category' is supported directly or indirectly by the 'very good'. This category is the one who is responsible for the many people unhappiness. Do we have justified the word 'very good'.

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