My dreams believe in g1 means growth for everyone while many believe in g2 means greed for myself. Data shows greed always win over growth and my heart filled with pain. My dream of growth for everyone never going to become reality and I start losing hope in everything. A stranger motivates me never give up on your dreams . This dream will come true one day because there are many who also believe in g1.

Education systems are meant to provide the right knowledge to the kids. The skills learned at the schools, colleges or university will be the keys to built strong foundation for the future world. But many education systems treat education as business hub and students as objects to generate profits. They divide students based on status, intelligent and grades into different categories. When this students start dealing with real world they also work in the similar way and the world instead of getting better with new ideas gets trapped in this categories. My dreams for the better world again diminished. My heart says relax there are still many education systems who work hard on providing true knowledge to the kids and your dream will become reality.

Spiritual places and the spiritual people are meant to teach people the right things. These places are more into the business and the profits. These places are hub for many wrong things in the name of the god and the religion. These places divide people based on the status. When the spiritual guru started these places their goals was to bring people together under one roof irrespective of the status. These are the only places where we are all equal. I again start losing hope in my dreams but my heart says there are still many spiritual places and spiritual people who treat people equally irrespective of their status. They teach right things about god and the religion.

Love is the most spiritual and the purest things in the world. Love is one beautiful word which exits in everyone heart. In people hearts love exit in many different forms. Some love people, some love food, some love money, some love cars, some love clothes, some love nature, some love books, some loves travel, some love work , some love power etc. This means love is divided into two category ones who fall in love with right and the ones who fall in love with wrong things. Even peoples who indulge themselves in wrong things have a heart filled with love. For these peoples love walk in the direction of greed, wrong power, fights. The day these peoples love follow the right path everything will be fine.

My dream of becoming world into the fairytale world will ever come true. I know fairyworld only exits in fairytales. Kids believe in fairytales and grownups believe in running have no time for fairytales. Running is only good for the health or for the good cause. For adults intelligent works in one direction and they maximize their efforts to find best ways how to get ahead of everyone. Kids intelligent works in every direction and they enjoy every aspects of the life. We love cars more than the journey, love perks more than work at the job, love home value appreciation more than memories built over the years. I asked god the dream of fairyworld will come ever true. He said yes if grownups never stop believing in fairytales.

{This column is without title because I have touched many elements of the life. With title readers will only think in one direction. I want them to explore in different ways and make better sense}

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